Creative License Publishing



Why us?

Got an idea, a book underway or a completed manuscript? Need help with a cover or marketing? CLP ‘s dedicated staff of target audience readers, editors, designers and marketing experts will be your writing partner on your path to publication.

Why use the services Creative License Publishing provides?

 Writers get that moment of inspiration, the idea that propels them to put it to paper and create their story. Whether it’s a work of fiction or non-fiction, sometimes a writer is so ingrained in the trenches of his or her work and can’t always see the gaps or inconsistencies that an independent reader can.

Our goal at CLP is to provide you with readers who directly correspond to your target market–the potential future buyers of your book. The feedback from these future buyers is critical in helping produce a saleable product, thus increasing its chances of flying off the shelves. 

It’s far better to get read and or edited now, before you publish, so you don’t fall victim to the self-published graveyard of books that never get bought or read.

 What is it that Creative License Publishing provides the writer that a writing group, or friends and family can’t?

 Writing a book is a time-consuming effort for anyone. Once the story is compiled, and before it’s ready to share with an agent, publisher, or editors, writers need to assess their work, even if deciding to self-publish. Often, writers look for others to read their product in the form of friends, family or a writing group.

Friends and family can be a good resource for feedback and help in keeping the costs down. But, more often than not, friends and family fail to give the necessary constructive feedback to help the writer produce a quality and marketable book. The emotional connection friends and family have to the author almost always gets in the way of true constructive feedback, thus preventing the writer to elevate his or her work to a higher level. 

Writing groups are a great way to gain objective reviews. But finding the right writing group can be time consuming and frustrating. The specific feedback you may be seeking may be difficult to receive from individuals in a group who are not necessarily interested in the particular type of book you are writing, thus providing feedback that might be less than helpful. Plus, reading only sections at a time every week or so, doesn’t allow for the group to identify gaps and inconsistencies in the storyline quite as easily, if at all.

 Is Creative License Publishing only for finished Manuscripts?

 We are a company dedicated to helping writers from creation of ideas to reviewing their completed manuscript. Whether the author is struggling to put together an outline, query letter, has writer’s block, needs help developing an idea or wants to know the viability of an idea, we are here to help. Click on over to our product and services page for a detailed listing of all that we provide.

If you have an issue that is not on the product and services listing, go to the Contact Us page and send us your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution to help you with your writing problem or information on how you can find an answer. We are here for you, so you can produce your best work. 

What if I have a book that’s been edited and up on Amazon or another website and I need help boosting sales?

 Yes, we can help you with that. We can help you navigate and use social media platforms to get your book noticed, as well as, guide you on potential other traditional marketing routes to gain traction on sales.