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If you don’t invest in your work, neither will the millions of readers you are trying to reach.

Our products and services are specifically designed to help every writer produce the highest quality work. We will help you develop fresh ideas, inspire innovative story development that will capture and keep their target readers. No matter what stage of writing you are at, CLP is there to help with the most competitive pricing around, and the only ones who provide you with readers, editors, and graphic artists who are related to your target market. These individuals are all dedicated to their specialties and are writers themselves, so they understand all that goes into producing a quality book.

If you have an issue that is not on this product and services listing, go to the Contact Us page and send us your request. We will get back to you with a solution to help you with your writing problem or information on how you can find an answer. We are here for you, so you can produce your best work. 


Our Packages:


For the writer who has an idea for a book but doesn’t know how to start, or the writer who wants to write but can’t find the right idea. Our reader panel is comprised of avid readers across all genres. These readers are also editors, writers, and writing professors who will provide the most comprehensive and detailed feedback to get an idea moving, or thoughts moving in a productive direction. 

 The comprehensive written assessment will address:

  • idea development

  • character development 

  • plot development

  • idea marketability


For the writer who is looking for someone to read through their manuscript and give feedback on how the book captures and keeps the reader interested, continuity, character development, plot development, and ending–finally addressing if the reader would buy and recommend this book to other readers.

Design and Illustrator

We will link the author up with a graphic designer to help in the following areas:

  • cover design

  • book layout and format

  • graphics such as charts, graphs and images

  • illustrations


For the writer who has an outline and or a summary of their book that they need feedback on. You can pick your number of readers – the more readers the greater the feedback. 

Each comprehensive assessment will address the following areas identifying weakness and strengths:

  • storyline 

  • characters

  • plot

  • idea

  • overall marketability

Reader Discussion

For the writer who has received written feedback from our readers and would benefit from a one on one, or group discussion. Sometimes writers benefit from a verbal explanation far more than a written. Note, this service is used as an add on to our before mentioned products.

Market Analysis  

We will link the author with a marketer who will assist you with idea assessment, readership/ marketing analysis, and platform suggestions.

Mainstream Ready

You have completed your book and you need a compilation of services before you submit to an agent or directly to a mainstream publisher: a book read, content editing, copy editing, marketing analysis, query letter critique and platform critique. This is for the writer who doesn’t want to just take a chance on getting an agent but wants to go in with a quality well thought-out product.


The three-chapter review can assist the writer who has started writing their manuscript and needs feedback. The writer can decide how many readers they wish to read their chapters and give a comprehensive detailed feedback. This is not an editing of these chapters but a general assessment that is key for any book development.

 Each comprehensive assessment will address the following areas identifying weakness and strengths:

  1. storyline 

  2. characters

  3. plot

  4. idea

  5. overall marketability

Editorial WorK

Content and copy-editing services available for the author looking to add quality to their work, but still want to publish on their own. Depending on your target market, we will connect you with an editor who best fits your writing. We provide both copy and content editors. A content editor focuses on the character development, story development, continuity and consistency. They also focus on writing style and the most effective way to communicate your thoughts or ideas. A copy editor will focus solely on mechanics: accuracy, readability, effectiveness, and to check for all errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar and consistency. Some editors will do both.

To request any of our packages of services, go to our Contact Us page. We will get back to you within one-two business days to discuss your exact needs and to develop a plan to publish.