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Creative License Publishing

From inspiration to publication: Let CLP be your partner on the path to producing that “Must Read”.

Our Mission

 It is our mission at Creative License Publishing to provide assistance to all writers who strive to produce high-quality and desirable work. CLP is comprised of many freelance readers, writers and editors, all of whom understand the creative ebb and flow of writing. We are all committed to being available to every writer who longs to be published and needs some well-placed assistance to bring their dream to reality.

Any reader would say that a good book is always hard to put down, and that the single most important aspect of any good story, is the ability to capture and keep the reader’s interest. If a book can’t capture and keep the reader’s interest, then it’s destined to be a lonely dust collector. Yet, sometimes, a little well-placed attention can turn a potential dust collector into a well-worn book–which is where we come in. 

At Creative License Publishing, we provide several ways to help you, the writer, make your work the best it can be: from inspiring ideas, to giving feedback on your work, to linking you with the right editors and graphic designers. We will be your guide to creating the book you desire with a focus on quality and marketability. We are not here to change your vision; we are here to enhance the outcome of your vision.